Online worlds for memorable virtual gatherings

No special equipment, fancy computer or download necessary. All you need is wifi, a laptop or home computer and you’re in.

A 3D experience in a 2D world

Designed in-first person perspective with beautiful 3D visuals, the Worlds are immersive and easily explorable. Using ‘click to move’ controls, walk into a garden, over the terrain of a moon, or through a maze of library stacks. No confusing aerial perspectives or complex pathways to navigate.

Proximity-activated audio

While avatars move around on screen, their audio activates when they are ‘in-range’ of other people. This allows multiple, discrete conversations to take place and for attendees to react to audio cues in real time, reflecting the serendipity of in-person social connections.

Social networking

Attendees can request to connect to each other and exchange contact information or their professional profile so they can continue the conversation after the event is over, replicating the networking opportunities at in-person events.

Live-streaming avatars

Avatars are designed to show attendees’ live-stream so that conversations are natural and reflective of the in-person experience. Attendees can see each other’s faces and react to visual cues in real time.

Team challenges and games

No event is complete without swag bags and team challenges. At your event, attendees can play games, like pub quizzes or create virtual objects together, like trees, and leave with mementos from their experience.

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