Open Call for Collaborators


The EXPERIENCE BUILDER will enable artists, arts venues, arts organisations and cultural institutions to create their own hybrid and virtual events, allowing them to reach new audiences and drive new revenue streams for their work.

Please note that our deadline for Phase One EOIs is 11th February 2021 but we do plan to have other rolling opportunities too!

The pandemic has impacted the ability of many artists, venues and festivals to connect with a live audience. It’s also increased audience appetite for virtual and hybrid experiences – which is exciting.

Here at SOCIAL we recognise there are barriers to working online and that existing platforms do not meet the needs of many artists, performers and cultural venues. So – our aim is to produce a set of tools that allow artists, festivals and venues to create a unique virtual space to house a work, with an affordable framework for running and monetising online and hybrid events while building community around them.

As part of this, we are looking for a diverse group of venues and artists to pilot virtual or hybrid events on a new tool we are developing as an EXPERIENCE BUILDER. This enables real-time interaction using live video feeds from both audience and artists and is accessible to anyone with a net connection, a browser and a webcam. 

EXPERIENCE BUILDER will help enable artists, festivals, organisations and venues to build, ticket and run their own online events using a content management system.

If that sounds exciting to you, you may like to apply to be part of our pilot.

Phase One Pilots

Expressions of Interest will be assessed by a curation panel made up of art curators, festival directors and established practitioners. Our Phase One Pilots will prioritise projects of New Zealand origin, or with a key New Zealand creative leading.

If your work or practice does not fit all the criteria below, please still get in touch as there may be opportunities to aggregate smaller or more experimental works into a single, curated event. We’ll also be looking for creators who can help give feedback on our tools down the track, so we would love to hear from you and start a conversation.

What are we looking for?
For our phase one pilot we are looking for projects and collaborators that are actively trying to find digital solutions for their work. You’ve likely done some of your own research already and are excited by the idea of growing an audience for your work online. We’re looking for projects with the ambition to run multiple events, grow a virtual community and establish an innovative online presence – as we will all learn together through cycles of testing and creatively experimenting.

Who should apply?
– Artists working in or moving in to digital practice who have an existing audience
– Festivals looking for ways to reach audiences online
– Venues looking to run hybrid events
– Arts organisations who want to offer a broader range of events and ticketing options

What types of work qualify? (this is not exclusive or exhaustive)
– An event that includes a live-streaming performance element
– A series of non-video digital works that can be presented in a digital space
– A series of streaming performances presented by a live venue
– A digital work that can be presented as interactive video and sound or stills
– Any other digital project that uses a virtual space with live video avatars
– Experiences that include interaction between audience members or audience and performer

What event monetisation is desirable? (this is not compulsory but would be interesting)
– Expansion of an existing audience to new places, spaces and types of people
– Online event ticketing
– Online merch sales
– Something else?

Our deadline for Phase One is 11th February 2021.

Thanks to support from the Cultural Sector Innovation Fund: Te Urungi Innovating Aotearoa