DOTDOT has created social virtual worlds for over a decade. We design 2D & 3D games, physical installations, and all kinds of interactive, AR and XR worlds. Our experiences are designed to encourage players and explorers to learn, deepen social bonds and make meaningful connections with each other. Our studio’s north star is bringing people together in new ways with technology, art and design.

SOCIAL by DOTDOT was created in 2020 after gamifying our studio’s creative brainstorming sessions during the pandemic. We saw the need to bring serendipitous social moments and ways to spark real-life relationships into the remote, virtual experience, especially at events.

Every world comes with proximity-activated audio, live-streaming avatars, beautiful 3D visuals to choose from and unique brand opportunities. Add entertaining challenges and game packages to your event so attendees connect through play and leave wowed by the experience.